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What Happens During Consultation

  • You will meet with Dr. Trey & discuss your symptoms
  • We will do a comprehensive hormone blood test
  • We will educate you about hormone health
  • We will answer any questions you may have

What Patients Have to Say

  • I had been doing a different type of hormone treatment but I didn’t seem to get results. I would recommend this to anyone 100% and I definitely look forward to the future and to feeling much better and continuing on this path.
  • After receiving treatment with Dr. Trey, within just a few weeks, I started sleeping like I haven’t slept in years, my energy levels are noticeably higher and my anxiety has all but disappeared. I am honestly in awe of the results I am seeing.
  • One of the biggest benefits I noticed is being able to focus while at work, and when after work, still having energy to go to the gym and do what I need to do around the house. We have 3 teenagers in the house, so we need a lot of energy to keep up with them!
    Shannon & Matt
  • I can’t begin to tell you the difference between how I felt 6 months ago and how I feel today. I had pain throughout my whole body and the treatment brought me back. It’s remarkable.