About HealthLogicMD

HealthLogicMD is an Integrative Family Medicine clinic specializing in prevention and treatment of aging-related health issues and promotion of long-term wellness through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
Our aim to gain a deep understanding of each patient’s health & lifestyle challenges in order to create a treatment plan to specifically address them. Simply put: our goal is your complete wellness - physical and mental.

Meet The Team

Dr. Inna Trey MD

Family Medicine & Hormonal Health

Dr. Trey is Family Medicine Board Certified and is certified by BioTE Medical for Hormone Optimization. Dr. Trey’s goal for every patient is to treat the root cause of their ailment, rather than just mask the symptoms with prescription medication. In her spare time, Dr. Trey loves to go on adventures with her husband, 2 kids and the family dog.

Vanessa Flores, MA

Practice Manager and Medical Assistant

Vanessa is a Colorado native and is a Medical Assistant with over 13 years of experience. Vanessa is treats every patient like they are family, and you can always count on a smile when you talk to her. Vanessa is mother to 4 functional kids, so you know she can keep calm during those busy days.

Elena Kaplan, MA

Medical Assistant

Elena has been in the medical field for over 20 years. She is a proud mom of two and grandma of four! In her spare time, she enjoys going to the movies and cooking healthy but delicious meals.

Samantha Eckhardt, MA

Medical Assistant

Being a Denver native, Sam is a hiking afficionado and loves spending time with her time family dog Hyde.

Message from the Doctor

Hi, my name is Dr. Inna Trey M.D. and I am the Founder and Medical Director of HealthLogicMD. Since the day I started practicing medicine, my desire has always been not to just treat diseases but to bring positive change in the life of my patients. In short: I want to help my patients achieve well-being in all aspects of life. It is with that objective that I started HealthLogicMD. I believe that the only way for me to bring positive change in your life is if we are partners and both take responsibility. It is my promise and responsibility to you that you will always find professional, compassionate and knowledgeable medical help at my clinic. In return, I will require your commitment to your own health, which includes following the treatment plan we create for you and working together with my team and I to improve your lifestyle. I invite you to contact the clinic today and learn more about what we are all about. I hope to be able to help you achieve health and well-being soon, so contact us and let’s meet.

Dr. Inna Trey

Our Core Values

We strive to live by the following 5 principles that define who we are and guide where we are going:

Be The Best Version of Ourselves

We consider it the most important goal in life is to be better today than you were yesterday. We aim to achieve that goal through integrity and doing what’s right.

Be Caring & Helpful

We care equally about our patients, vendors and each other. We aim to help all that walk through our doors.

Have Fun

We love what we do and remember that life is about positive experiences, so we try to create the same atmosphere for all who come to us for help.

Live Well & Take Care of Ourselves

In order to serve others, one must first be able to take care of her or himself. We strive every day to achieve wellness - both physical and mental.

Help The Environment

We are all on this Earth together, so in addition to promoting the health of our patients, we strive to promote the health of our planet.

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Patient Success Stories

  • I had been doing a different type of hormone treatment but I didn’t seem to get results. I would recommend this to anyone 100% and I definitely look forward to the future and to feeling much better and continuing on this path.
  • After receiving treatment with Dr. Trey, within just a few weeks, I started sleeping like I haven’t slept in years, my energy levels are noticeably higher and my anxiety has all but disappeared. I am honestly in awe of the results I am seeing.
  • One of the biggest benefits I noticed is being able to focus while at work, and when after work, still having energy to go to the gym and do what I need to do around the house. We have 3 teenagers in the house, so we need a lot of energy to keep up with them!
    Shannon & Matt
  • I can’t begin to tell you the difference between how I felt 6 months ago and how I feel today. I had pain throughout my whole body and the treatment brought me back. It’s remarkable.
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